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Visiting Pench Tiger Reserve with Conservation Wildlands

October 19, 2017
Originally posted 19 October 2014 The wind whispers differently depending on the structure through which it passes. For instance, the bamboo (not a tree by the way, bu...
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One Moment in Cameroon

June 26, 2017
"It was written that I would love you, From the moment I opened my eyes. And the morning when I first saw you, Gave me life under calico skies." Sir Paul McCartney...
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The Undying Love between Science and Art.

May 29, 2017
While volunteering at the Sanaga Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Centre, we've been taking time about once a week to go to the village of Meyene. During these visits, we share les...
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The Body of Joy

May 22, 2017
Akim I've been giving laughter some thought lately. Counter-intuitive, perhaps, to overanalyze such a usually instinctive vocalization. But if you do think about it, y...
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From an Unguarded Midnight

May 09, 2017
Grand frére. Big brother. That's what some of the caregivers call the chimps. It's a surprising term for a country gripped by Catholicism. The other week when we were...
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