A Scene from the Interoceanic

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If I have learned one thing about myself in the scant (geologically speaking, anyway) amount of time I've spent on this planet, it is this: something deep, deep within me - some wild, slumbering entity - awakens magnificently when she is in the rainforest.  It is, without one iota of doubt (and thank God for this, as there are few things I am so sure about), the ecosystem where I feel most at home.


Condensation on a Bus Window, Peru

The morning through the window


It is dawn.  I wake after a second night on yet another bus winding through the Andes and immediately draw open the curtain.  I know what's on the other side of the window before even looking: the Amazonas, mother of all jungles, where the early seeds of daylight are sprouting courageously from the darkness. 


View from the Bus Window: Entering the Amazonas, Peru

Entering the Amazonas: at first light

I disembark at Puerto, my final stop in Peru before continuing on for the other coast.  With all my possessions, I hop on my ride's moto - not his taxi, not his tuk-tuk, but his motorcycle - and in an instant, my memories transport me back to my life on the rim of the Congo basin: copper-colored roads and emerald foliage painted three-dimensionally by the fog.  Amazon and Congo, Congo and Amazon.  Sometimes, when I forget where I am, I look to the people to remind me.  What I have found by doing so is this: the whole world smiles the same.

***Taken from the forthcoming series: Through the Bus Window: South America on the Interoceanic

Bridge into Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Bridge into Puerto

Through a Door in the Jungle, Peru

Evening stroll in Puerto


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