The farther I went from Rio, the wider the grin of the moon became.

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"Don't fool yourself, child!" She said.  "You know who you are.  You love the city, it is true, but don't forget that the rhythm of your heartbeat is the very same as the rhythm of the forest.  
"Follow the serenade.  If it gets farther away, move toward it.  If it becomes louder, then you know you're on the right track.  The crickets and the birds, the wind and the rain - they can tell you all about where you love to be (actually, where everyone loves to be, whether or not they recall it).  Remember?  Turn your cartwheels in the jungle.  The original acrobats are the non-human simians, and they charge nothing for their lessons. Do you remember who you are, monkey girl?  Maybe you've forgotten, but I haven't.  I will remind you again if need be.  Maybe you didn't learn a handstand at 3.5, and instead are learning at 35.  Do you think the earth earned her canyons and mountains and forests in a day?  Does a bristlecone pine grow in a fortnight?"
The Atlantic forest of Brazil.


Never too late to truly follow the heart. Time passes but it does not pass us when we are doing whatever we are truly happy doing! Beautiful thoughts and imagery!
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