Today we saw this weird coffin-looking poacher's trap.

July 29, 2013  •  1 Comment

Of course, I wanted to smash it so it would break back into pieces of wood that could decompose and feed nature, but there was nothing to smash against but trees, and what did they do wrong?


So we disabled it.  I'm not sure why, but we couldn't remove it.  


I also shot a video!  Please excuse the not-so-phenomenol videography, but it is a snippet of the golden lion tamarins eating some provisioned bananas.  Aren't they delicious?!  (The monkeys, not the bananas!)  



Andreia Martins(non-registered)
Adorei ver nossos micos aqui, nunca imaginei que você ia postar a foto da armadilha, na verdade ela não deveria estar ai, mais isso é uma coisa difícil de entender! não é fácil mudar a mente das pessoas, elas sabem que é errado mas continuam fazendo.
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