Gone to Goa

January 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


Sandy feet.  A voluptuous moon.  A big, fat ocean. 


All happy ingredients for ringing in 2015.


Goa is kind of the Vegas of India.  Anything goes here.  Anything that one is looking for, one will find.  It is, I think, the most lawless place on the subcontinent -- with the exception of Bombay's streets, of course.


That being said, however, Goa is still pretty undeveloped.  Whereas north Goa is home to all-nighters, MDMA, and half the population of Moscow, South Goa is decidedly chill.  The most vocal entity at midnight is the ocean.  The bars shut down before the dogs stop barking.  There are no syringes on the beach.


Man, respect the beach.


Just a hop, skip, jump, and teleport from bustling Bombay.  


Hut on the beach?  Yeah, ok :)


If at first you don't succeed… more time for play. 




Macaco and Macaco.




Did someone say masala?


Scary Ganpati


Wait, did someone say masala?


And I, Jack!  The Pumpkin King!


Fun with multiple exposures! (Thanks, Tau!)


Yes… It IS a galaxy far, far away!




Did you happen to catch the spider liquefying its insides?


Yeah, dude, I swear someone said masala.




And happy, happy New Year.


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