What 6:00 Means at Chimps Inc.

October 09, 2016  •  2 Comments

Momma Thiele waiting patiently for treat time on the front stoop of the "condo."


Treat time.


The last meal of the day is a special one at Chimps Inc. You could call it dessert -- albeit a healthy one. The staff of Chimps Inc. confers with veterinarians, nutritionists, and others in the field to devise a healthy, well-balanced diet. 


Boring, you say? I think not! Here's a couple shots from this evening's treat distribution, prepared by caregiver Kaleigh. Would you say no?!


Learn more about Chimps Inc. at www.chimps-inc.org

Cinnamon pumpkin quinoa with a sprinkle of granola and a splash of almond milk.


CJ, Emma, and Herbie are getting excited!


Kaleigh gives Emma a sneak peek.


Jackpot! Jackson finally enjoys his pumpkin quinoa.


These are the eyes of a satisfied Calamity Jane.


Cheryl Fosse(non-registered)
Oh those photos are just so delightful! Praise God that your chimps are so well cared for
and not tied to a tree in some forsaken Chinese, African etc village!!
Curt Peterson(non-registered)
These pics are very evocative! I'm reminded of the statement (true or false?) that our pets do not know how long we are away when we are out doing other things. It seems that the Chimps have a keen sense of the passage of time, and are therefore able to wait for that last meal of the day in a spirit of true and precise anticipation.
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